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    ELOS – Photoepilation

    ELOS-photoepilation seriously outstrips the conventional lasers and photo systems.

    ЕLOS-photoepilation is a new patented technology of last generation. It combines all of the advantages of the existing technologies (photo-, laser-, electro-) and eliminates their disadvantages, it combines electrical and optical energy.

    During the procedure the hair follicle is destroyed by the parallel action of the energy of the light pulse and a high current. ЕLOS-photoepilation provides double protection of the epidermis. Active cooling nozzles help avoiding the overheating of the epidermis and the side effects are minimized.
    The development of the ELOS technology in the field of the epilation is a new technological breakthrough in terms of reliability and permanence of the effect.

    ELOS-photoepilation permanently removes the unwanted hair, including pale, vine and hormonal hair.

    During the last few years the laser and photoepilation received bad reviews. The practitioners point out too many side effects and the result of the removal of the patients’ hair can be doubted.

    Many of the patients not only notice a resumption of growth of hair after 12-14 procedures of photoepilation, but increase of the hair growth on the treated area. This result is completely predictable.

    The photo and laser technology affect the hair by heat, which stimulates the growth of the “sleeping” hair follicles, these follicles have no melanin and cannot be a target for the penetrating photo and laser frequencies. Simply put, they fail to remove hair vines because of the limit of the technological process and at the same time stimulate their growth. When destructing the hair follicle, new hair growth can be noticed over a relatively short time. Photo and laser technologies can affect only dark hair, especially when the patient had fair skin and no tan. The photoepilation during summer is absolutely unadvisable.

    What are the advantages of ELOS-photoepilation over the other methods?

    The temperature impact on the hair follicle is strong enough to disrupt its structure and to end the cycle of normal hair growth.

    The removal of hair, based on the traditional laser method or photoepilation depends only on the fact how much light will be absorbed by the treated area of the body. In cases where the absorption of photo energy is not enough, it is impossible to achieve the effect of photothermolysis (photo temperature removal).

    This fact explains why the areas of the body with decreased concentration of the pigment melanin are hard to treat by the traditional methods of hair removal. By the combination of both types energy – photo and radio – ELOS-photoepilation destroys even the most persistent follicles – gray, pale, fair and rufous hair.

    Satisfactory results can be achieved in 4-8 procedures.

    ELOS is not just hair removal technology, but also skin care technology, which allows you to go for other cosmetic procedures after the hair removal such as nourishing, moisturing and increasing skin elasticity.