Offers of the month

Offer of the Month “The Smooth Feet 2018”

In the beauty clinic Lux-Medicus you can get rid of unwanted hair forever! Sign up for the procedure! The complete “Elos” epilation of legs or shin this month with a 30% discount.

Shin – 75€

Entire legs – 135€

This month, every client is given the opportunity to buy the full course in the same way – with a 30% discount.

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Permanent offers

Permanent Offer „Let’s grow old in a beautiful manner”

Lux-Medicus beauty clinic appreciates and respects every guest therefore we offer a discount to all our clients. At any age, you want to look younger and more beautiful, so, there is a discount to all pensioners -7% for all procedures.

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Constant offer: “Beautiful bride”

Special discount – 10% discount on all treatments of Lux-Medicus clinic within 70 days before the wedding!

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Constant offer: “Birthday”

Lux-Medicus clinic congratulates our visitors on their birthday. When visiting our clinic  within 10 days before or on your birthday you will get a SPECIAL DISCOUNT – 10%

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Constant offer: A Beautiful Friendship

It is always nice to get a good mood and positive emotions from the procedures  of Lux-Medicus clinic. Share the joy of visiting with friend/girlfriend and get the additional discount 5% each.

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