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    The most studied drug in the field of cosmetology is Botox. It is safe, it removes wrinkles effectively and blocks increased sweating.

    Benefits of the procedure
    • Instant result
    • Short recovery period
    • Safety and good tolerability of the drugs used
    • Revitalization and additional moisturizing of skin
    • Mimic wrinkles of forehead, nose bridge, outer corner of eye (“crow’s feet”)
    • Eyebrow shaping
    • Face asymmetry
    • Correction of the lower third of the face
    • Hyperhidrosis (increased sweating)
    • In the forehead area, horizontal wrinkles and inter-eyebrow facial wrinkles are smoothed out
    • In the neck area, wrinkles on the back of the nose, in the lower eyelid and lips
    • In the upper eyelid, the effects of weak and moderate ptosis are eliminated
    • Mimic wrinkles around the eyes disappear
    • Nasolabial folds become less visible
    • The eyebrows acquire a more correct shape and position, the corners of the lips are raised and, in general, some forms of asymmetry of the face are corrected
    • The increased sweating is blocked in the areas of application of the drug: palms, feet, axillary cavities
    • Duration of treatment: 15-20 minutes

    • Preparations: Botox

    • Recommended course: Single injection

    • Periodicity: 1 time in 6-12 months

    • Anaesthesia: Basically, not required. Applicable in limited circumstances

    • Effect: 2-7 days after the procedure

    Wha is it?

    Botox® is a drug produced by Allergan (the USA). The active substance of Botox is the purified and weakened botulinum toxin.

    How does Botox work?

    Traditionally, Botox is injected intramuscularly into mimic muscles, where it temporarily blocks their susceptibility to nerve impulses. Due to this blockade, a muscle or part of it relaxes, ceases to contract and the wrinkles formed there are smoothed out.

    The art of doctor is to not completely immobilize the Botox muscles responsible for the appearance of wrinkles, but only to remove their increased tone without violating the natural facial expressions.

    Under the influence of botulinum toxin, neuromuscular bonds are temporarily blocked. Neither muscle nor nerve fibres are affected.

    Botox action is reversible – in 4-6 months blocked neuromuscular connections are restored.

    A special technique for using Botox is mesobotox, when it is injected not intramuscularly, but into the skin.

    How is it done?

    At the consultation, the doctor evaluates the severity and character of wrinkles, the role of facial muscles in their formation, the state of the tissues, determines the points and the amount of Botox administration.

    As well as before a usual injection, the skin is processed by a disinfectant. Then, using a syringe with a short and very thin needle (0.3 mm in diameter), Botox solution is injected into those muscles whose activity should be reduced. It takes 3-5 minutes.

    At the end of the session, antiseptic treatment of the skin and its cooling are performed. Data on the lot number of the product, its expiry date are entered in the outpatient medical card.

    The painfulness of Botox injections is low. They can be performed without anaesthesia, but most cosmeticians prefer to do local anaesthesia with a special anaesthetic cream. In the case of Botox injections without anaesthesia, most of our patients compare their sensations with mosquito bites.

    How many units are needed?

    The amount of Botox in a vial is measured not in grams, but in units of action. The price of the service is determined on the basis of the amount of the drug used. Since price is an important factor, you can estimate in advance how many Botox units you will need to correct wrinkles:

    • Horizontal forehead folds: 4-15 units.
    • Inter-eyebrow fold: 8-25 units.
    • “crow’s feet”: 8-18 units.
    • Botox-lifting of the mouth corners: 4-6 units.
    • wrinkles of the upper lip: 2-4 units.

    You will learn more precise information during a consultation in our clinic Lux-Medicus.

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    Preparation: Botox (Allergan) 1 unit9 €
    Preparation: Dysport (1 unit)3,5 €
    Entire forehead240 €
    Inter-eyebrow fold130 €
    Horizontal wrinkles in the nose zone95 €
    Perioral wrinkles – wrinkles around the lips110 €
    Horizontal wrinkles in the neck zone210 €
    „Crow’s feet“ – correction of wrinkles around eyes125 €
    Entire forehead + Inter-eyebrow fold + Eyes350 €
    Entire forehead + Inter-eyebrow fold270 €
    Underarms380 €
    Palms460 €
    Feet460 €
    Skin of head420 €

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